Hello readers! The following is an update on what was taught at Gravity Church at the Plaza Theatre in Kensington this month. Be excited and encouraged that God is working in hearts!

At this month’s Gravity Church, titled Money, Swag and Eternity, Pastor Joel focused on Scripture from the book of Matthew, chapter 6, verses 19 to 24. The following is a highlight of the fantastic message that God has for us! I have also posted the youtube video of the teaching itself.

Let us consider the value of food versus money. The value of food is that it energizes us and maintains the physical life of earth and thus, eternal significance? Not so much. What about the value of money? Money is more “personal” and includes treasure.

How often do we equate money with happiness? Is the accumulation of objects, things, collectibles and other visual, material possessions what it means to be happy? Is consuming the best that this life has to offer??! This is a question that each of us must ask ourselves.

Throughout the evening, the answer discovered is a resounding NO! However, as stated, it is up to each individual to determine the answer to this question.

There were many points discussed this evening including:

– Those who make $40 000 or more a year have been studied and determined to have a noticeable decline in morality as well as a decrease of two years in life expectancy

– Jim Eliot, a Christian missionary stated, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”

– The average North American adult spends six hours a week shopping! What would you do? Spend the time shopping or playing for thirty minutes with your children? What is of priority? What is long lasting or everlasting??


I would like to touch on verses 19 and 20 and the three specific points discussed.

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal”

The three points include:

  1. Storage
  2. Sight
  3. Service


Where are you storing up “things”? Are you storing up things to be stolen by thieves and snacked upon by moths? What do these things include? Physical possessions and the accumulation of them. Treasuring our identity in the pursuit of goods. This is something that can happen easily and is a special reminder in light of the Christmas season. One must be reminded that these things do not last. They will all be gone. In light of this eventuality, how does this change or strengthen your storage of worldly treasures?


Storing things in heaven! What does it mean to store “things” in heaven? What are these things? The Bible tells us that we are to “store up my [the Lords’] commands within” [Proverbs 7 v. 1] and that “Wise men store up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool invites ruin” Proverbs 10 v. 14.

God doesn’t call for us to store worldly possessions in heaven, He calls us to character and action. Store up the character and actions He has called us to in His commands throughout Scripture!

Are we sending things on ahead? Are we thinking of eternity [read Ecclesiastes 3 verse 11]? When we store in heaven, we store for eternity!

Point to ponder: If you are wrong about the eternity thing, you are wrong forever!

God desires, He wants for us to get it right. Remember that everyone is searching for Jesus!

Point to ponder: We do what we value!

What we store and where we store it is of eternal significance.


Verse 22 and 23 states that, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”

How powerful our vision is! How visual our culture is! So much of the world is advertised, sold and defined by visual media. Keep this in mind. Our eyes are an incredible influence! Our eyes influence the attitude of our minds, which influence our thoughts and subsequently our actions! When we are filled with light, we seek and go after good.


This passage of Scripture finishes with the choice of service. God has given us free will and the ability to choice for ourselves whom we will serve. Each choice has its outflow of consequence. However, it is important to highlight that God gives us ONE choice alone. He clearly states that He is the only Way, Truth and Life [John 14 v. 6]! These is no dabbling in both, it is one or the other!  

The illustration of an earthly father providing his child with directions on getting home after visiting a friends’ house was given. Would the father offer the child many different ways to get home or hope the child will choose the right way back? Or will the father provide the one way home? Is this not true of our heavenly Father as well? Does He not provide us with one way?! One way alone.

In summary, how do we battle materialism? What is the antidote? The antidote is simple: GIVE. Giving is the antidote to materialism! Giving is an act of service.


Lastly, as those who love the Lord, may we cherish Jesus as our TREASURE. The one who saved us and made us whole again and the one who intercedes for us and allows for us to spend eternity in Heaven with our Creator!



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