In response to “Can I Trust the Bible?”

It has been nearly two weeks since the official launch of the ministry of Gravity Church! An update is far overdue!

The topic of the evening was “Can I Trust the Bible??”.

Is the Bible a legitimate and accurate source of information and Truth? How can this be determined?

The purpose of this post is to highlight the message shared on this evening. There are additional resources referenced throughout the post for further perusal.

One of the main questions Pastor Joel addressed was “Is the Bible actually a book from God?”. As Christians, this is what we claim it is. We believe and trust that it is the written Word of God, the Good News He prepared for His people, His believers, through various men and women over the centuries. If this is so, the Bible [as with any book or article of literature to be tested] needs to stand the test of time! There are three specific points that validate any written word against the test of time in questioning it’s trustworthiness. These include:

  1. Is it Relevant?
  2. Is it Radical?
  3. Is it Reliable?

Before I continue, I encourage you to check out this link. It expands upon the question of the trustworthiness of the Bible.

We will take a look at these questions in light of the Bible, but understand that these questions are appropriate for many works of literature.

Is it relevant?

Is the Bible just a bunch of stories? Is there any application to our lives today in 2013? The Bible clearly states that it is relevant.

Author Josh McDowell states that a book must meet three requirements:

  1. Is it accurate?
    1. Studies indicate that the Bible is indeed literally sound
  2. Does it contradict science?
    1. The Bible utilizes concise science
  3. Does it deal with history correctly?
    1. Check out this video that illustrates the historical significance of the New Testament.

Lastly, a point I would like to highlight, is the fact that the Scriptures address all aspects of life- from birth to death, marriage, taxes, education and many more.

Yes, in short, the Bible is relevant.

Is it radical?

The term radical instils the fact that what or whomever is considered so is “departing markedly from the normal”.

Is the Bible radical? Yes! The teachings and challenges that it presents, fit the definition of radical. It is unique.

The Bible has faced opposition and has radically survived through numerous attacks. Voltaire, the prominent French Enlightenment philosopher and writer, stated that within a hundred years of his death, the Bible would be gone from the earth. Voltaire died in 1778 and in 2013, production of the Bible is still going strong!

The Bible also depicts characters that are human. The characters in it [excerpt Jesus, who is God and came down to earth as a human- a whole different topic to be explored and not to be focused upon here!] are human, like you and I who make mistakes and need a Saviour.

Yes, the Bible is radical.

Is it reliable?

2 Peter 1 verse 21 indicates that the Bible is the inspired work of the Holy Spirit carried out by man.

“For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit”

Again, check out the two links attached for further study.

Previously attached:

To close

This post is to highlight the teaching for the month of October, to remind us to pray for the minds of those who have heard and for those who have heard and received. It does not by any means go into intense detail and for that I apologize.

May we all continue to grow and learn. Upon review of my notes following the teaching I spent time rereading and listening to commentaries and debates circling this very topic. It can be an intense process to determine what to believe. I realized the significance of knowing that the Bible is true and I can place my trust in it.

There you have it! On to November with “Money, Swag and Eternity”!




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